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It is impossible for everyone to have their mother tongue be English. Therefore, French game is offered to players for those who want to improve their French or for those whose native language is French. French Game is a very exciting and intriguing game, whose popularity is increasing with every passing day. Since all players do not have efficient knowledge of the English language, most players’ enthusiasm, and fervor because of the incorrect guesses due to the lack of good communication skills of the English language. Not all people have good communication skills in the English language. So, developers of have also launched the game in the French language.

To enter the game, you must select French in the language selection section on the main login screen. Then we suggest you get a French nickname.

What Not to Do in the French?

You are prohibited to do the following things in the French game:

  • You are not supposed to write any letters in the French game. Any inclusion of the French letters will lead to your proscription in the game.
  • You are also forbidden to include any symbols in the game which give out the guess to the amazed players.
  • You also cannot write numbers in the game, which will give away the information to the guessing players.

You should also take care that French may be played as unanimously as possible. The full enjoyment is only possible by playing simply. french

What to Do in the Garticio French Game?

Here is what you should do in the French game:

  • In the Garticio French, all the players are supposed to draw an object from the given French word list. Each player is supposed to draw the object clearly so that players are able to guess the object rightly. You must no worry if it is difficult for you initially. With the passage of time, you will learn the trick gradually.
  • All the guessing players are given the facility to guess the objects in the French language, as the mode of the game will be in French.
  • All the players will be required to put the answers in the French language. Any answer in any different language will not be acceptable in the answer box of the game.
  • You can also write with your fellows in the chatbox, and grow friendships with different fellows from your country.
  • You can also report any user through the “triangle” option, so that they may not violate the rules of the game. Only players can bring unanimity and justice into the game with these good options. French game is a very interesting game, whose simplicity and plainness have made avid gamers also fall in love with it. You can also play the game, and have plenty of enjoyment.

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