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garticio game

Garticio game is the most fantastic guessing game, which helps you in passing your time joyously and merrily. game is based on the drawing and guessing principle, in which players draw manually and other players guess the object, win the points, and enjoy. In a highly competitive environment with other players, the word race is quite tough. Many players prefer to play the game in their native language.

Garticio Game: Its Rooms

Following, details regarding the rooms of the Garticio game have been given:

  • There are different rooms that you can choose from, and go on drawing, guessing, and playing.
  • Each room has its own category, such as Foods, Objects, Animals, and General.
  • Every room can have a maximum of 20 players, who can participate and play in the room.
  • You also have the opportunity to choose the game language in which you will play the game without entering the game.
  • Garticio game supports more than 20 languages ​​and most importantly English word games.
  • Anybody can leave the gameplay anytime.
  • Any new player can also enter the game, and start from 0 whereas other players may have 100 points. It is the luck that counts here.
  • Every room has similar rules for distorted drawings and cheaters: Report.garticio game Game: Themes can be a fun game for everyone because you can choose the word category from a section you are interested in before entering the game rooms. In this way, your rate of knowing many words in the game will increase and you can be the winner of the game. Following, themes of the Garticio game has been defined:

  • This is one of the most interesting features of the game, which allows users to create different themes in the game.
  • These themes are basically categories that are used by players to design different rooms.
  • Themes such as Pokemon, Games, Animes, Cartoons, Foods, Flags, Royals, Dota, Minecraft, Naruto, and LoL have been created by users.
  • Themes create much more interest in the platform of the game.
  • With themes, players are able to personalize the game for them. Game: Chats with Other Players

Following, rules for the chatting has been given:

  • game gives its players the facility to communicate with other players through the chatbox.
  • Every part of the game has been rescued by the moral codes, values, and discipline charts, so is the case with the chatbox of the game.
  • No player can abuse, use foul language, or kick out other playings without any solid reason.
  • All the communication should be carried out very politely in the game in the chatbox.
  • All players can run a motion for kicking out a player, and the player is sent out of the respected room.
  • All the information regarding who joined and left the chat is given in the chat room.

Garticio game has the potential to become the most played guessing game. The developers of the game are continuously updating the game and making it more intriguing for the players to play and enjoy. game is already being played by a large number of players online.

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