How To Download App? app is a word guessing and drawing game. You can easily play this game on mobile, on both Android and Apple devices. To play the game smoothly, you must download the app to your phone. Meanwhile, the most important point is that you need good internet speed to play the game smoothly. Game All About game is a fun puzzle game, which makes players stick to the screen. The features of the game are similar to – but more interesting than – a puzzle game. Once a player draws, you get chances to guess the object. Players cannot write numbers, letters, or symbols. The player earns the points upon guessing the object rightly, and the player wins if he/she attains 120 points. Then, the game is refreshed. Each player begins from scratch, attempting to make 120 points maximum to gain victory once again.

If you want to play this game on mobile, we have good news for you, you can play the game unlimitedly by downloading the game’s official application on both Android and Apple devices.

Does the app contains the fulfilled enjoyment, enthusiasm, and ease the way its desktop version does? Let us find out. is a really suitable game to play on mobile, you can download it to your phone using download. app

Good Sides of the App

Following, good things of the app are given:

  • It is easy to draw on the screen with the help of your fingertips than the mouse.
  • With taps, you tend to change from one color to another very effectively. It is the opposite in the desktop version, where you have to drag the mouse, change, and go back to the screen to draw. The desktop version takes a lot of time.
  • When you use the phone app, you are guided through each option on how to play. You are taken from one option to another with the help of “>” forward and “<” backward options, picking all good rooms or themes of your choice. In the desktop version, you have to roam in different categories and themes to find the options of your choice.

Worst Sides of the App

Following, the worst of the app has been given:

  • Due to the small screen of the Garticio app, fingertips can slip and any other option can get tapped which should not otherwise have been pressed. So, the app can be unbeneficial.
  • Beginners, who had never drawn, can find drawing with their fingertips on the small screen and create a mess for other players to guess.
  • Oftentimes, players hand taps on the “back” option or “menu” option, and the game gets closed automatically. When the player gets back, the points had all been distributed among players.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, even children know how to use a touchscreen mobile, they also do not commit mistakes. How adults can use mobile 24/7? So, the app brings on much more joy, happiness, and enthusiasm into the game through touch screen drawing and a lot more exciting app options. However, it is a useful game that stands out with its being an educational game for both adults and children.

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