What Is Gartic.io Turkish Game?

gartic.io turkish

Gartic.io is a word guessing multiplayer game. In this game, the room option is active. Some rooms may be on a category basis. For example, dishes, objects, football, youtube, and similar topics. You can play this game in the Turkish language which is called Gartic.io Turkish. Logically, Turkish words will appear in the Turkish version of the game. Many players will most likely be Turkish.

If you want to improve your Turkish or if you want to play the game in your mother tongue, you can choose the Turkish section of the game.

What Is Gartic.io Game?

Gartic.io game has been launched by its developers for audiences at large. It is available worldwide to all the citizens of the world. You will a lot of fun while playing the Gartic.io game. The goals of the game consist of three options: Points, language, and theme which are demonstrated below.

  • Points: Usually, you are put on the journey to attain the goal of the points. Usually, the goal is to attain 120 points. Whoever attains 120 points, will be rewarded with no. 1 position.
  • Theme: The game is available in different themes. You can also customize the theme according to your wishes. You can also anytime play in the General theme of the game.
  • Language: There are many languages in the game which are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and so on. Gartic.io game is also available in the Turkish language.

Gartic.io Turkish makes it easy for the Turkish audience of the game to play. Not all Turkish people understand the English language. So, developers have become smart and introduced the game in the Turkish language to enlarge its audience.

gartic.io turkish

The Features of the Gartic.io Turkish

  • In the Gartic.io Turkish game, one player draws the object while other players in the team guess the object and earn the points.
  • The main difference between the Gartic.io Turkish and the Gartic.io English version of the game is that players draw the objects from the word list of the Turkish game. So, the word list consists of the objects that are commonly used by the Turkish people so the Turkish people find it easy to draw and guess the game.
  • Another difference is that the answers are guessed in the Turkish language. If the answers are written mistakenly in the English language, the answer box will not accept the answer and you must write the answer in the Turkish language.
  • Gartic.io Turkish is a facility given to Turkish young people who do not speak any of the European or English languages. By using Gartic.io Turkish, Turk youngsters happen to learn their language with Gartic.io’s help.

Gartic.io Turkish Game: What Not to Include?

There are three things, which you must take care of while playing the game otherwise your painting will be discarded from the digital canvas of the Gartic.io Turkish game:

  1. Letters: You are not supposed to write any letter in any form in the drawing.
  2. Numbers: Numbers are strictly forbidden to be written in the drawing.
  3. Symbols: Symbols must not be drawn; otherwise your drawing will be discarded.

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