Play Arabic Game arabic is a drawing and guessing game, which is very popular nowadays. People belonging to different parts of the world are playing the world. Officially, is available in the English language as English in an international language but this game provides Arabic game.

There are other languages available in the game. Arabic is one of the other languages of the game. In this fun game, you can take different turns of drawing and letting others guess your drawing. Arabic Is Now Available

Along with this game, Arabic speaking communities can play this game easily. Thus, people from many different countries can access the pleasure of playing this game. It is also a game that can be described as a very good word learning game.

It is most definite that Arabs will not be able to understand the English language, therefore developers of the game have launched the game in the Arabic. Arabic facilitates the Arabs to play this amazing game, which makes it easy for the waiting people or students to pass their time. Arabic is also an amazing method to learn the Arabic language. All youngsters of the Arabs can also learn to enjoy the game, which will increase the popularity and acceptance of the game as the best drawing and guessing game in the world. arabic

Basic Rules & Regulations Of Game

Following are the basic rules and regulations of the game:

  • In the game, one player draws an object from the given word list and the remaining players guess the object.
  • It depends upon the player which kind of room he enters. The player can also customize the theme, and invite his/her friends to create the most amazing room for him/her and friends.
  • Maximum 50 friends are allowed in the gameplay. No player can invite more friends if the player’s numbers exceed 50.
  • Each player guesses the object and inserts the answer into the answers box in the interface of the game.
  • If a player is making use of any of the three prohibitory things (symbols, letters, and alphabets), you can report the drawing and kick them out of the game.
  • All players have rewarded points upon guessing the right object.
  • All players are bound by the moral code of conduct of the game.

With the help of Arabic, you can learn the greater skills of the game most effectively as well as the language. Arabic is a revered language by the religious community of the Muslims. This language has a lot of speakers compared to other languages. However, the game will not provide them with efficient knowledge of the game, but it will give a basic introduction of the Arabic language to the players nicely.

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